About Africans in China

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July 22, 2023


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This post suggests that "the main reason why black people are lawless in China is because we have spoiled them. Before arriving in China, most black people held a reverence for China. However, when they arrived, they found themselves treated as foreign guests and their bad behavior would be tolerated and go unpunished by the Chinese people, which naturally only worsened their behaviours." The post further suggests that "the reality of foreigners in China is that they think it's easier to takke advantage of local women. It should be noted that in China, white people are not better than black people, but they know how to hold appearances better." *Note: Amongst the images of foreigners mostly Africans being caught in harassment and other disputes, there is an image showing statistics of Africans in relation to US population, prisons, AIDS patients, as well as organized crime. This picture seems to be included to prove the above mentioned point. It is important to note that this post does not acknowledge the history of systematic racism faced by black people.


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