African Studies in China: Retrospect and prospect

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July 7, 2021


Li An Shan


China's understanding and research on Africa has gone through three stages: supporting Africa, understanding Africa, and studying Africa. The systematic research on Africa began with the establishment of the People's Republic of China, and the research on target countries began with Egypt. Up to now, four generations of African scholars have made contributions to China's African studies, and a new generation of young scholars has brought new atmosphere; New research institutions are constantly emerging, showcasing their own research characteristics; Chinese scholars' international exchanges and participation are increasing day by day, making their voices heard internationally; The close connection with reality, the increasingly diverse disciplines involved, and the continuous deepening of research are the new trends in China's African studies. Looking forward to the future, China's African research is full of hope, but it needs to handle the relationships between academic exploration and social practice, knowledge popularization and in-depth research, on-site research and theoretical summary, micro analysis and macro grasp, African countries, regions, and global research.


Culture | Diplomacy | Education | Historical Context

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