Africans leaving behind large numbers of descendants

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March 31, 2022


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The article highlights the historical exploitation of Africa's resources and the arrival of African black people in China. It mentions that Africa, despite its rich history, has often lagged in civilization development, and independent countries have emerged relatively recently.

China, portrayed as a hospitable nation, has offered support and resources to African countries to help them develop. This has led to an influx of African black people into China, particularly in cities like Guangzhou.

However, the article expresses concerns about some African black people not adapting well to local laws and customs in China. It mentions instances of disruption, lawbreaking, and even threats to local residents' safety. It suggests that the descendants of African black people in China might face challenges if they continue this behavior.

Drawing from Japan's historical experience, the article suggests that China could take measures such as limiting recruitment of African black people by employers and repatriating those with a history of violence or misconduct. Despite these concerns, the article emphasizes that China remains welcoming to African black people who work hard for a better life.


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