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January 22, 2021


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This post shares that in today's interconnected world, immigration, studying abroad, and working in foreign countries have become commonplace, with the exception of refugees from Middle Eastern conflict zones. China has maintained a positive relationship with African nations, dating back to China's entry into the United Nations. As a result, China has consistently supported African countries by assisting in infrastructure development, schools, hospitals, and promoting talent exchange through education and work opportunities in China.

Many African entrepreneurs have found success in China, initially in Guangzhou and later in Zhejiang, particularly in the Yiwu small commodity wholesale markets. These markets enable goods to be distributed worldwide, and enterprising Africans have leveraged this opportunity to become intermediaries, supplying products to African markets. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Africans now live, work, and study in China, some even establishing families and homes there.

China's economic growth has transformed it into a destination for talents and labor from around the world, including Africa. The Chinese government's lenient policies have allowed African individuals to learn new skills and facilitate trade between China and Africa, contributing to Africa's economic development. Additionally, China provides financial subsidies to African students studying abroad as a gesture of humanitarian assistance.

Cities like Guangzhou and Zhejiang, where African communities are concentrated, have seen rapid development and higher income levels compared to less developed areas. Even basic jobs in China can yield significantly higher incomes than what many experienced in Africa. For some Africans, living in China represents a significant improvement in their quality of life compared to the challenges they faced in their home countries, making it a life they aspire to.


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