Black boyfriend ran away, the girl became a “single mother”, and netizens praise her for being strong and inspirational

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August 25, 2022


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This article responds to the case of a fourth-year female university student who gets pregnant from a relationship with a black man and gets abandoned shortly after. The title focuses on the fact that she was abandoned by a black boyfriend, while the article itself seems to be critical of the woman's choice to keep the baby by herself instead of living her life the way a "normal" university student should do. It further condemns the woman for wasting her parents' money that was spent to give her the education to build a better life. One of the first comments on the article however responds to the article saying: "Not to discriminate against black people, but if they wish to come to China, I'd say excuse me, it's better if you stay in America". Other comments on the other hand, continue condemning the woman's choice and what she gave up.


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