“#China actually doesn’t have that many African students”

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August 7, 2023


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This post shares statistics indicating the following: "According to the data released by the Ministry of Education in 2018, China had 492185 international students from 196 countries, 295043 Asian students, accounting for 59.95%, 81562 African students, accounting for 16.57%, 73618 European students, accounting for 14.96%, and 35733 American students, accounting for 7.26%.

Among them, the highest number of foreign students studying in China come from South Korea, with a total of 50600 students that year. Next is the number of Thai students with 28608 students, followed by the number of Pakistani students with 28023 students, and the number of Indian students with 23198 students.

The number of African international students studying in China only accounts for a small portion of the 490000 foreign students that year, which means that African students are not the main group of students studying in China" The post is accompanied by a caption stating that the above statistics had proven that the number of black people residing in China "does not exceed that of white or yellow people, yet why is it that some people only seem to target black people? Because they think black people are a lower species, yet this is really the knowledge of white people, emphasizing race and superiority it's FXS thinking". *FXS is an abbreviation for fascism.


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