Different aspects of Africans in China

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August 17, 2017


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This post shares that with China's growing economy, an increasing number of people from Africa have come to China in pursuit of wealth and a deep cultural experience. They are drawn to Chinese culture and cuisine, especially in cities like Guangdong and Wuhan. These African individuals are becoming more visible in Chinese cities due to the welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Many Africans enjoy exploring Chinese streets and markets, trying new foods not available in their home countries, and even learning to cook Chinese dishes. They have integrated into Chinese society, sharing meals and experiences, although language barriers can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness. Some Africans also learn Chinese cooking skills in the hopes of prospering in China or back in Africa. One common aspiration among Africans in China is to marry Chinese women due to their perceived qualities and cultural compatibility. Overall, African individuals in China are experiencing a blend of cultures and forging connections with the local community.


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