Experiences of working and living in Africa

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October 8, 2022


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This post translates as: “Working and living experience of Chinese in Africa
1. Africans steal frequently.
When a Chinese person first arrives in Africa, having no sensory impression of the fact people in Africa steal, they may not understand the reason behind body search conducted in African factories. They may feel that their human rights have been violated.
When the warehouse of our own factory workshop was losing parts every day, we started to let our doormen search locals properly, but the effect was not good, and they colluded with each other. The local people naturally curl their hair, and hide the screws and screws in their hair, which is impossible to prevent.
2. The local people are increasingly unfriendly to China
Going through the customs of various African countries is like peeling the skin, asking for benefits through various kinds of interrogation. Immigration, customs, traffic police, taxation and other departments regard Chinese citizens as cash machines.
They extort Chinese people without restraint. The citizens of other countries would pass customs smoothly. Only when Chinese pass customs. Africans see Chinese people with dazzling eyes. Many Chinese do not speak foreign languages and rarely deal with local people. Locals however intimidate and blackmail the Chinese.
Many Chinese people pay money to buy peace, but they don't know that this behavior has caused great trouble to Chinese people as a collective. A few years ago, I went to Cambodia to travel and was asked for tips when passing the customs.
If I give a tip, it will cause trouble for Chinese people who go back later. So I simply refuse to tip.
3. Local people have no honor
Dealing with the local people requires little credibility, you should pay money in one hand and get your goods in the other. “


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