Foreigners are not outlaws

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April 22, 2022


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This post discusses the case of a foreigner assaulting and murdering a Chinese girl. The post reads: “In Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, a black man, Sha XX, met a 21-year-old schoolgirl named Chen XX when she was working as a foreign language teacher. In order to win her over, Sha XX lied and claimed he was single when he was married, he established a love relationship with Chen XX. Since May 2021, Sha XX has been holding a grudge as Chen repeatedly requested to break up. After several verbal threats, Sha XX killed Chen near a bus stop with a folding knife prepared in advance.

Recently, Ningbo intermediate people made a judgment on this case. Sha XX was sentenced to death for his cruel crime.

She XX, thought that he could do whatever he wants, because he is a foreigner. However, no matter who commits a crime in China, they must be punished by Chinese law. So in this case, will the man Sha be executed immediately if he is sentenced to death?

Obviously not.

Our country implements the system of the second instance being final, which means that a case must be tried by two people's courts before it can be declared closed.

In this case, after the death sentence was pronounced in the first instance, Sha XX could appeal within 15 days after receiving the judgment. The second instance could revoke the first instance verdict or maintain the death penalty.

After maintaining the death penalty, because the death penalty is a special case, a death penalty review must be carried out. Only after the death penalty review is passed, can it be reported to the Supreme People's Court for approval. After the Supreme People's Court approves, Sha XX will be executed.

Finally, although the case just received the verdict of the first trial, I personally believe that the circumstances of Sha's crime are extremely bad, so it is highly probable that the death penalty will be maintained in the second trial, and Sha deserves it.”


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