How much cooperation does China have in Africa? Why sign unequal agreements with African countries

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August 5, 2023


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In 2020, China and Africa's bilateral trade volume reached $185.6 billion, comprising 4.4% of China's total foreign trade and 15.7% of Africa's total foreign trade, highlighting the significant economic ties between the two. China, Africa's largest trading partner, invested in various sectors, creating over 1 million job opportunities in the continent. China's unequal trade agreements with African nations stem from interest-driven motives, competitive pressures, and the desire for a dominant position, influencing its economic and political influence in Africa. Africans' perceptions of China's business cooperation vary, with positive views acknowledging economic benefits and technology transfer, while negative opinions cite issues like environmental damage, resource depletion, and political intervention. Objectivity and understanding of diverse African perspectives are essential when evaluating China's business cooperation in Africa.


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