“Large numbers of Africans coming into China, creating a lot of “second generation blacks”, how do we deal with it?”

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April 22, 2023


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This is an opinionated piece by online user stating their concerns over the large numbers of African migrants in China and the societal and cultural impacts associated, such as the birth of mixed race children known in China as "second generation blacks". According to statistics enclosed, as of 2022 there are over 70,000 African nationals residing in China, 30,000 of which are located in the city of Guangzhou.The piece is most critical of interracial marriage due to negative associations and perceptions associated with black people in China, such as "black people are lazy", "black people bad habits" and the author seem to attribute these perceptions as the main cause for Africa being "underdeveloped" because "black people don't want to work". The author fears that with interracial marriages these "qualities" are passed down to the next generations corrupting Chinese society, further suggesting that perhaps China should impose stricter immigration policies such as Japan's to ensure racial purity.


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