On Chinese media depictions of foreigners expressing their affection for China

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February 25, 2022




This blogger expresses their feelings about Chinese people. The post reads: Some Chinese media like to publicize what foreigners think of China and think that China is good. When it is recognized by foreigners, some Chinese media are happy.

I am not targetting foreigners. There are good people and bad people in this world (see the proportion), but I think most Chinese are very good, and some foreigners in China are also good. The bad people are doing bad things by taking advantage of the reputation accumulated by the good people.

Let's say I've seen it. Before the epidemic, I saw a foreigner buying vegetables in a Chinese market. Their Chinese was very good and gave people a warm feeling. I also saw a rude foreigner in a shopping mall; despite being the one running into another, they cursed the other person instead.

It's not to belittle Chinese people. Some Chinese people are very immoral; I will not be giving details. They are very black-hearted. I have also met many kind-hearted Chinese people. Sometimes I really feel that Chinese people are polarized between good and evil.


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