Why do Africans living in China want to leave now?

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July 8, 2020


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The article discusses the presence of African black people in China, particularly in cities like Guangzhou, and highlights reasons why some of them are seeking to leave China: Development Opportunities in China: China's increasing international influence and development opportunities have attracted many foreigners, including a significant number of African black people, who come to China for work, settlement, or tourism.
African Black Community in Guangzhou: Guangzhou has seen a substantial influx of African black people since the 1990s, with around 3-4 million living and working there. Many engage in business, primarily wholesale trading of Chinese goods to African countries.
Challenges Leading to Desire to Leave:
-Housing Costs: High housing prices in Guangzhou make it challenging for both Chinese and Africans to afford homes. Most Africans can only afford cramped rental housing.
-Green Card and Residency: Obtaining a green card in China is difficult, even for those who have made significant contributions. This lack of permanent residency makes returning to their home countries feel like deportation.
-Economic Prospects in Africa: The money earned in China can significantly improve their living standards upon returning to Africa, including purchasing property.
-Empathy and Cultural Exchange: The text emphasizes the importance of empathy and cultural exchange in a globalized world, highlighting that as China's strength grows, it will continue to attract foreigners, which is a sign of its increasing influence. Overall, the article sheds light on the African black community in China, particularly in Guangzhou, and their motivations for seeking opportunities in China while also highlighting the challenges they face, including housing costs and residency issues, leading some to consider returning to Africa with improved financial prospects. It encourages a broad-minded and empathetic attitude toward foreigners living and working in China as a reflection of the country's development and global engagement.


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